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Our research focuses on applying catalysis and physical organic techniques to the synthesis of new polymers and small molecules. We aim to develop synthetic methods that allow access to materials with different compositions, selectivity, and architecture compared to current methodologies. Mechanistic investigations and structure-property relationships will be used to better understand our systems and guide future breakthroughs. Members of the Lamb group will receive interdisciplinary training at the interface of organic, physical organic, organometallic, and polymer chemistry. 

Contact Information

Professor Jessica Lamb:
(612) 625-4061
335 Smith Hall

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Group Picture - Winter 2023

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our group firmly believes in creating and maintaining an inclusive culture where every team member is supported. Diversity and equity are key pillars to achieve this goal, and we welcome members of all identities, including race, nationality, sexuality, gender identity, ability, religion, culture, and socioeconomic background. We are committed to continually educating ourselves, listening and believing the stories told by marginalized scientists, and advocating for policies that will dismantle systemic racism, sexism, and other barriers that exist in STEM and all institutions. 

Latest News From our Group


Allison was awarded the 2023 Richard D. Amelar and Arthur S. Lodge Fellowship for Outstanding Collaborative Research in Materials! Congrats Allison


Congrats Jacob and Carolyn on your Bachelors Degrees! You will both be missed. Good luck on your future endeavors!


Brandon and Will have passed their Oral Preliminary Exam, becoming PhD Candidates! Congrats Will and Brandon

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